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Cleaning Agents

Safe Solutions offers a range of commercial facility cleaning solutions and agents for a variety of commercial, healthcare, and academic settings. Our hypoallergenic, non-toxic cleaners and degreasers are the perfect solution when you want safe products for use in your facility.

Today’s workplaces, schools, and long-term care institutions are experiencing a greater emphasis on products that are as safe and environmentally friendly as they are effective. Show your employees and clients you care by using Safe Solutions cleaning agents.

We offer non-chemical based detergents and treatments that provide the deep cleaning you need without the dangers and side effects of chemical products. You can also shop here for powerful disinfecting solutions, which are more important than ever with a new focus on finding better ways to prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Complement your cleaning efforts by using Safe Solutions antimicrobial barrier products designed to inhibit the presence and growth of many types of microbes that cause illness, odors, and staining. You’ll find ceramic coatings that can be applied to kitchen counters, work stations, fixtures, and other surfaces to provide an ideal antimicrobial barrier.

We also carry probiotic barrier products that help prevent the future contamination of surfaces once they have been cleaned or disinfected. Safe Solutions probiotic products help many types of surfaces resist germs and stay free of microbes for days after application.

For restaurants and commercial kitchens, including those used by schools, hospitals, and senior care facilities, we carry grease-clearing drain treatments. If you’ve ever had your business slowed or shut down due to a completely clogged drain, you’ll appreciate how our drain treatments eliminate those disruptions and loss of revenue. When used regularly, Safe Solutions grease-clearing drain treatments can reduce the need for drain snaking or hydro jetting, along with the headaches and expense that come with them.

Check out our full line of Safe Solutions products, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

Risk Mitigation Products

As well as using safe, non-toxic cleaners, disinfecting solutions, and antimicrobial barriers, attentive workplaces today utilize a range of risk mitigation products. Safe Solutions’ line of safety products helps protect both employees and food in restaurants, commercial kitchens, healthcare facilities, schools, and senior residences.

When you take the time to mitigate risk at your business, you reap multiple benefits:

  • Reduced slip and fall incidents
  • Decreased workman’s compensation claims
  • Reduced likelihood of lawsuits
  • Greater employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment
  • Cleaner work areas
  • Improved safety for customers and residents

All of these advantages help minimize workflow disruptions and revenue losses.

Use Safe Solutions sticky mats to decrease the number of slips and falls in your facility. These floor mats are easy to put down and change, can cover a large area, and work in a variety of workplace environments. If you’re located in California, ask about our high-foot traffic assessment while you’re at it, and let us recommend ways to reduce accidents in your place of business.

If you operate a cleanroom, whether for manufacturing, laboratory, or pharmaceutical work, sticky mats reduce the presence of contaminants like dust and microbes when placed at entrances where wheels and shoes would otherwise track them in. Keep your cleanroom truly clean with sticky mats from Safe Solutions.

Our BarPro insect vapor strips are essential if you work with food, such as at a restaurant, bar, or food preparation facility. These odorless vapor strips cover large areas for up to four months at a time, killing fruit flies, mosquitos, gnats, and many other pesky insects that you don’t want near your food.
Insect vapor strips target nesting and reproductive areas and destroy pests by attacking their nervous systems. You can even use them in food areas overnight if they are removed when food and humans re-enter the area during work hours. For just a few cents a day, you can say goodbye to the annoyance of unwanted insects and the losses associated with California fruit fly infestations.

Safe Solutions has responded to the growing need for coronavirus protection for essential workers and healthcare professionals. We offer plastic face shields for your personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. Fabricated of lightweight plastic, these comfortable shields can be worn for full shifts and then cleaned for reuse. If your employees need to interact with patients or customers, keep everyone safer with an adjustable, one-size-fits-all plastic face shield.

Commercial Cleaning Training Consulting

Consulting and Training

At Safe Solutions, we aim to provide full-service options for our clients. That’s why in addition to selling top health and safety products, we offer consulting and training.

Let us perform an assessment of your facility, whether it’s a restaurant, hospital, school, or senior living center in California. We’ll evaluate risks to employees and customers, as well as your standard operating procedures, or SOPs. We can also look at the chemicals you are using for cleaning, disinfecting, antimicrobial protection, and drain treatments and make suggestions for less toxic, hypoallergenic options.

Our Safe Solutions safety audit reports provide your facility with a rooftop-to-floor assessment of risks to both the facility structure and the equipment you use, in addition to potential fire, health, code, or OSHA violations.

Want to know the status of your facility’s cleaning and disinfecting program at regular intervals? We think this is a smart idea and therefore offer measuring and reporting of cleaning outcomes on a periodic basis for our California clients. Let us know how we can help you stay on top of cleaning that is required by kitchen or medical facility codes, so your employees and customers are assured of a clean environment.

Safe Solutions also offers training classes and demonstrations in Southern California, the Central Coast, and the Bay Area. We work with hospitals, senior care facilities, schools, businesses, and restaurants. Some of our more popular classes include:

  • Corporate training
  • Food safety training
  • Compliance training
  • Allergens training
  • Sexual harassment training
  • Hazards training
  • Alcohol training

Just let us know what you need for your unique situation. We offer customized solutions for every facility type. Our goal at Safe Solutions is to help you achieve the safest work and living environment so your residents, customers, visitors, and employees stay happy and healthy and so you minimize work interruptions, fines, legal action, and income loss.

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