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The Leadership Team

John Spach
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

John spent over 20 years as a consultant and co-fiduciary to private and public companies. His expertise is establishing prudent processes and documentation to protect business owners and executives helped him become a nationally known advisor. For the past three years John has been working with companies to build protocol and best practices in facility health solutions. He emphasizes the importance of verifying outcomes, using data to help manage a facility and reporting to show prudence.

John Spach CEO
Anthony Barton
Anthony Barton

Anthony brings over 25 years of janitorial and facility health and safety experience to Safe Companies.  His customer-centric approach and heart of service sets him apart from the competition and enables Safe Companies to build trusted advisor relationships.  Additionally, Anthony serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations that are focused on enabling sustainable business concepts in third world countries.

Ken Horton
VP Training and Education

Ken brings years of experience in the Facility Health world. He is a proponent of a comprehensive approach to facility health from floorcare, cleaning for health, to IAQ and disinfection, from products to training and networking with some of the well-known experts in the industry. He has researched and promoted products that help to provide needed answers. Ken also consults and collaborates with a variety of developing entities promoting safe, sustainable, and effective solutions for healthy facilities.

Ken Horton, VP
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